Planner Tool - Overview


The planner tool is designed to help plan goals in Skooler. When goals are added to a year in Skooler they will appear in the right context in the Assignments & Assessments tool. 

The planner tool will give you the option to:

- assign goals to years (Tag goal to always be at 1. year etc)

- Assign a goal to a week, or another defined period.

- See and print out overviews of the school year 

- Add activitites (also non curriculum activities) to school calendar.


Assign Year Group goals

The first tab is the most important one! Note: On this tab all educators will have all to all subjects, no restrictions. This is to make planning easy and transparent. Only educators that actually teach the subject will have access to the details to be added in other menu choices.


  • Choose School Year, School (If more than one, else this will be prefilled), years that a goal covers and subject from the filter bar at the top of the main area (Marked i red)


When you have made your selection the goals will appears as show on the picture 


This image shows the planner when all choises are made in the filter bar (Marked in red)



To add a goal to a specific year, simply click the slider for the year you want to choose.

You can turn the slider on and off as long as the goal is not planned on other tabs in time or with details. If this is the case, you will have to delete other tabs to turn the slide off (Remove calendar events, and delete details on the goal).

Information is saved automatically - no need to look for the button!


In this image goal 7 is chosen for 3rd year.


Plan goals

On this second tab you will have the choice to add more details to a year goal.

Note: One this tab educators will only have access to their own subjects or courses. 


Start by using the filter bar on the top(red) to show your subject. If no goals appear when you made your choises - check to see if you have planned year goals for this subject in the previous tab.




Next, you can add a learning product to use with this goal, a learning resource, a measure and assessments criterias.

  • Click the "Add" buttons to information. You may have several addons to each possibillity.
  • This information will be linked to this goal.



Finally, you can add several milestones to the goal by adding targets to reach the goal. 

  • Use the "Add target" button to add. You can then even add more information to this target if neccessary. 
  • You can add several targets to each goal.





Assign Weeks

In this tab you can connect goals with student and educator calendars. 


First, choose your subject in the filter bar.


You can the add periods to each goal that is preselected for this year and subject 

  • Click "Add period" and fill out "from" and "to". You can several periods to each goal.




For this tab you can get an overview over planned goals. You can generate plans in Word based on your selections. 


  • First, choose your subject in the filter bar.



You will see information for the chosen subject and what goals are planned.


You can also export this to Microsoft Word. 

  • Click "Generate plan" from the action menu on the top
  • Choose your settings:
    • Yearly plan (For one Subject)
    • Topic plan (To add several Subjects into one plan)
    • Choose format landscape or portrait
  • If you click the "open Onedrive folder after saving" you will be taken directly to your Onedrive when the document is saved. This will open in a new tab
  • NOTE: You will have to let your browser allow "popups" for this happen. See here for help

 If you later want to find this document in your Onedrive you will find in these folders:



School Planner

In this tab you can add calendar events for teachers and students (and parents in the parent portal). 


  • First, choose school year and term from the filter bar
  • Click "New Entry" to add new events
    • You can add public holidays and other events
    • You can days off, or events at School
    • To add for more schools (if relevant) - use the "Common Dates" Tab. Events added here will be visible on all schools






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