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Throughout the day you see lots of information you might put into OneNote. You can collect clippings, maps, diagrams, photos, pictures of products for purchase, and so on. To do so, either capture the screen with shortcut keys or clip the screen with the Send To OneNote command.

Screen capture overview

Capture the screen with shortcut keys

  1. Arrange the screen, and then do one of the following:

    • To capture the entire screen, press PRTSCN.

      The Print Screen button

      NOTE:  On some keyboards, the PRTSCN key might appear differently.

    • To capture an active window, press ALT+PRTSCN.

  2. Go to In OneNote, and then to paste the image, press CTRL+V.

NOTE: Some devices lack a Print Screen key. Check the manual that came with your device for specific instructions.

Take a screen clipping

  1. Press WIN+SHIFT+S.

  2. Drag to select the portion of the screen.

  3. Click a location in the Select Location in OneNote dialog box.

    Location dialog box

Try it!

Capture the full screen
  1. Capture the full screen with a shortcut key.

  2. Save it to your Quick Notes notebook.

Capture a portion of the screen
  1. Capture a portion of the screen with a shortcut key.

  2. Save it to the Windows Clipboard.


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