How do I use the Parent Portal


This guide will help you to understand the main features of the Skooler Parent Portal. (Please note your child’s school may not be using all features of Skooler or the Parent Portal)

Once you have logged in to the Parent Portal – you will see the Dashboard



This main features of the Dashboard are:
• Child’s Name drop down list to choose which child to view information about
• Menu bar to choose different information on the left
• Tiles with specific information such as homework set, school messages etc.

Choosing the child to view Information about
You may have more than one child at the same school. In this instance the Skooler Parent Portal allows you to choose which child to view information about. You do this using the drop down selector on the top left of the screen.




If your child’s school is using Skooler Attendance and Absence recording then information about your child’s attendance will appear here. (It should be noted that most UK schools use other systems for recording and reporting attendance)


This is where you can view homework or coursework that your child’s teachers have set for him or her. You can also see work that has been marked with the teacher’s comment.


Your child’s school might use the ILP tool to record end of term or unit of work assessments. Each subject teacher might record an end of term assessment and all of this information is pulled together into a single report of your child’s progress.
Teachers may also have set targets for your child and they may want to discuss these with you during parent consultation meetings. The ILP is place where a record of those conversations can be made.





This is where you can VIEW and RESPOND to messages from your child’s teachers. The school may ask your permission for your child to be taken out of school on an educational visit, you can respond here.

This is where you can view your child’s school calendar, including their timetable if this has been activated for your school.
Week Plans
Your child’s teacher(s) may publish curriculum newsletters or other information about the activities they are doing in class. You can view these here.

Class Notebooks
If your child’s teacher is using the OneNote application within Skooler and Office365 then you can view your child’s work here. This is a ‘read only’ view of your child’s work online.



These are links to websites that your child’s teacher(s) think would be useful for them to you use and for you to know about.

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